Win A Silvie Bells Bag!

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Win A Silvie Bell's Bag!

Who?... YOU! Have the chance to win one of our famous Silvie Bells Bags! They're stocked with baby and parent goods worth over $475!!! This could be the perfect gift for yourself, a new parent or an expecting parent! These items are helpful for any new mom or dad, not just NICU parents.

What's in the bag?... 1 Owlet Home Pulse-Oxygen Monitor (retail $249.00) 1 Lulla Doll (retail $83.00) 1 Boppy Nursing Pillow (retail $39.99) 1 $20 Subway Gift Card 1 $15 Starbucks Gift Card 1 Wubbanub Pacifier (retail $13.99) 1 Bag of Kind Bars, Baby Ruth, Sugar Babies and Hershey Kisses (retail $10.00) 1 Handmade Crochet Baby Hat ($10.00) 1 The Little Engine That Could Book (retail $5.24) 2 Reusable Water Bottles (retail $4.00) 2 Packages of WaterWipes (retail $3.99) 2 Pens (retail ($2.00) 1 Notebook (retail $1.00) 1 CD of Silvie Songs

When?... Starting April 1st through April 15th, 2017.

How?... Get 100 of your friends to LIKE our page!

We haven't been able to get corporate sponsors due to the lack of social popularity of our page. Silvie Bells is an amazing is an amazing cause, without an amazing amount of Page Likes; we're trying to change that and we need your help!

The FIRST person to get 100 people to Like our page will win the bag! All you have to do is send us a message with the names of your 100 friends/contacts that have Liked our page and the bag is yours if you can do it first!!

If you don't have 100 people that have liked our page, that's OK! There will be runner up prizes too! Message us your list of people that have Liked Us by April 15, 2017 and you could win... 2nd Place - Owlet Home Pulse-Oxygen Monitor 3rd Place - Lula Doll 4th Place - Boppy Pillow 5th Place - Wubbanub Pacifier

Please message us as soon as you have 100 total people. Prize goes to the first person to get 100 people to LIKE us! Please give us 48 hours to respond to your message, as well need to cross reference you list with our page likes. This Winner will be announced on April 17, 2017

Thank you for your support and Good Luck!!